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Career Exploration and Impacts of AI Lesson plan with print Worksheet and Google Form Exit Ticket

Career Exploration and Impacts of AI for post secondary training, 2 year and 4 year degrees. Emphasis on continuing training or traditional education in STEAM careers whether it be an apprenticeship, certificate program, 2 year college, 4 year university or beyond. Emphasis on AI impacts in all fields. Combined Inventory of Me, AI’s Impact, and Roadmap to My Dream Job into a WS (2-3 day portfolio-like). They fill it in along with slides as they go.

Best Bocadillo

Making the best sandwich instead of PB & J for those who have not experienced PB & J. The reason I made this change is because there is a large Hispanic population in my area who do not make sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly and so a sandwich in general is more relevant to students of diverse populations such as Latinx, Asian, etc.

Classifying living things

The adjustment involved incorporating a lesson of classifying living things to illustrate decision trees, crafted for ESL, bilingual, and regular students to comprehend decision trees in AI. This adaptation aimed to offer students with various language proficiencies and learning styles an accessible means to grasp decision-making processes, promoting inclusivity and enthusiasm for decision trees concepts.

Connecting Teachable Machines with Experimental Design

This activity was designed as a science integration extension that has students reflect on the process of using Teachable Machines through guiding questions making connections between their experience and experimental variables.

Neural Networks in Medical Diagnosis?

This is an extension to the Neural Networks Game Activity that specifically focuses on the possibility of using virtual Neural Networks to diagnose medical issues.

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