About us

About the Everyday AI PD Program

The EdAI professional development (PD) program takes a multi-pronged approach offering an AI Book Club, Practicum, Teacher Network, and Webinars. Our research investigates how these PD components supports teachers to learn, adopt, modify, and teach the DAILy curriculum in a wide range of classroom settings. This project is funded by the National Science Foundation's Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST) program.  In this project researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston College recruit and prepare middle school teachers from school districts in New Mexico, New York, Florida, Illinois, and Virginia. Through partnerships with school districts and youth serving organizations, the project has engaged over 1200 youths in AI education and foster their interest in AI intensive industries of the future.  Everyday-AI.org is the online community network for teachers who use and contribute to the DAILy curriculum.


About the DAILy curriculum

The Everyday AI project is built upon the Developing AI Literacy (DAILy) curriculum that interweaves AI concepts, ethics in AI, and AI career awareness. The curriculum has been previously pilot tested among middle schoolers in a summer program and in classrooms.