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Career Exploration and Impacts of AI Lesson plan with print Worksheet and Google Form Exit Ticket

Career Exploration and Impacts of AI for post secondary training, 2 year and 4 year degrees. Emphasis on continuing training or traditional education in STEAM careers whether it be an apprenticeship, certificate program, 2 year college, 4 year university or beyond. Emphasis on AI impacts in all fields. Combined Inventory of Me, AI’s Impact, and Roadmap to My Dream Job into a WS (2-3 day portfolio-like). They fill it in along with slides as they go.

Best Quesadilla

I changed the food to be more culturally relevant to our school and our New Mexican culture. Instead of designing an algorithm for the best PB&J, this lesson tasks students with planning the best quesadilla. Our school population is majority Hispanic students who live in Albuquerque and mostly come from the South Valley. They will have more of a connection to quesadillas than to PB&J sandwiches. Optimizing a quesadilla algorithm for stakeholders may be more relevant to their culture and family.

Quesadilla Ethical Matrix

For this lesson I changed the food listed to quesadillas (building on the previous lesson, Algorithms as Opinions), I also added a formative assessment to better help students connect to stakeholders in their lives and communities. Students who participate in the previous lesson (Algorithms as Opinions) will be able to carry it forward into a real-world connection by thinking about their out-of-school activity, the relevant stakeholders and their values.

Best Bocadillo

Making the best sandwich instead of PB & J for those who have not experienced PB & J. The reason I made this change is because there is a large Hispanic population in my area who do not make sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly and so a sandwich in general is more relevant to students of diverse populations such as Latinx, Asian, etc.

Ethical Matrix Lesson for Food Deserts

High school (HS)Students: Use ‘Teen’ instead of ‘Child’ Added ‘Store’ instead of ‘Doctor’ Teachers can talk with their students about topics relevant to their lives like: a)workers in the store; b)food available in local stores; c)accessibility of local stores; d) impact on people, supplies, and accessibility of stores

Algorithms as Opinions (modified lesson)

This lesson includes modifications to make the lesson more accessible to students from different backgrounds, built in supports for students who have learning disabilities or students who are English language learners, and optional extension activities.

Ethical Matrix Lesson (modified)

This ethical matrix lesson includes modifications from the original to be more inclusive of students from different cultural backgrounds. It also includes modifications to support students with learning disabilities and English language learners in accessing the concepts in the lesson.

Decision Trees - Alien Gathering

Alien Gathering is a modification of the lesson plan 0.4 Decision Trees. In this lesson students begin with an activity in which a decision tree is made for a "Family" of aliens. This activity is intended to be used in one of two ways. It can be used as a substitute for the activity "Pastaland" or as an additional lesson activity used prior to the "Pastaland" activity.

How do GANS Work (modified with cats and dogs)

I changed the rooster fighting to be more appropriate (with cats and dogs). A lot of students don’t understand rooster fighting, and I believe it is illegal in the US. Many students know that dogs and can’t don’t get along. They can still grasp what a generator and a discriminator do. I also changed the artist to Da Vinci

Impact of AI on STEM Jobs

This is a lesson with SLIDES + SCRIPT that combines Planting the Seeds of STEM & AI’s Impact on My Future Jobs. If your pressed for time these lessons can be combined to reduce time constraints.

What is AI? Analogy Teacher Made

This storyboard model provides a basic structure for integration of ELA and AI concepts. This activity is intended for students who have already been exposed to Poetry and the lesson called What is AI?

3.5 Redesign Youtube Lesson

In this lesson, students will redesign the YouTube recommendation algorithm to meet their needs and reduce bias. This is a culminating project that can span several days of work and spark student reflection on lessons learned from the curriculum.

3.4 Environmental Impact of AI Lesson

In this lesson, students will explore the environmental impact of training AI models. Students will learn that the design of AI algorithms can have consequences for the environment.

3.3 Spread of Misinformation Lesson

In this lesson, students will be able to tell what misinformation is and understand that it spreads faster than authentic information. In the first lesson, students will play out a game in which they spread misinformation and reflect on their choices. In the second one, they will learn how to spot misinformation and come up with solutions on how to stop it.

3.2 What are Deepfakes? Lesson

In this lesson students will explore what deepfakes are, how realistic they can look, and ways to identify them. Students will learn how deepfakes are made and several strategies to identify them.

3.1 Unanticipated Consequences of Technology Lesson

This lesson introduces students to the potential consequences of AI technologies and shows them that such consequences may or may not be the ones we intended or anticipated. Students will learn that AI technologies can have unanticipated effects on seemingly unrelated systems (e.g., social, cultural, environmental, etc.)

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