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Career Exploration and Impacts of AI Lesson plan with print Worksheet and Google Form Exit Ticket

Career Exploration and Impacts of AI for post secondary training, 2 year and 4 year degrees. Emphasis on continuing training or traditional education in STEAM careers whether it be an apprenticeship, certificate program, 2 year college, 4 year university or beyond. Emphasis on AI impacts in all fields. Combined Inventory of Me, AI’s Impact, and Roadmap to My Dream Job into a WS (2-3 day portfolio-like). They fill it in along with slides as they go.

Investigating Bias including Immigration Facial Recognition Apps

Added in an example of facial recognition bias for asylum seekers. This change was designed for my students, part of who herald from immigrant families and who have darker skin colors. Immigration is a very important topic so adding this slide adds to the relevance of their lives and will help them internalize the information. This change is relevant for teachers that teach in states close to national borders and communities with large immigrant populations.

Best Bocadillo

Making the best sandwich instead of PB & J for those who have not experienced PB & J. The reason I made this change is because there is a large Hispanic population in my area who do not make sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly and so a sandwich in general is more relevant to students of diverse populations such as Latinx, Asian, etc.

Algorithms as Opinions (modified lesson)

This lesson includes modifications to make the lesson more accessible to students from different backgrounds, built in supports for students who have learning disabilities or students who are English language learners, and optional extension activities.

Ethical Matrix Lesson (modified)

This ethical matrix lesson includes modifications from the original to be more inclusive of students from different cultural backgrounds. It also includes modifications to support students with learning disabilities and English language learners in accessing the concepts in the lesson.

Decision Trees-Breakfast World

Pasta is so delicious but not all students are familiar with the different types of pasta. Students will have the opportunity to sort popular breakfast items that they or their peers eat at school in order to determine their favorite breakfast food. As an extension, students will sort desserts and apply their mathematical knowledge of prime numbers and the real number system.

Impact of AI on STEM Jobs

This is a lesson with SLIDES + SCRIPT that combines Planting the Seeds of STEM & AI’s Impact on My Future Jobs. If your pressed for time these lessons can be combined to reduce time constraints.

ChatGPT Debate

Students will read two principals letters that share that they are either banning ChatGPT or not banning it from their schools. Students develop their own opinions and share their reasoning. The teacher then reveals that both principal letters were generated using ChatGPT and asks the students if they want to change their opinion.

Generate a Song

Students will create a song about their emotion. Their teacher will help them to generate the lyrics to the song and generate art for the song. Students will then listen to the song, see the lyrics and art and try to guess the emotion.

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