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Career Exploration and Impacts of AI Lesson plan with print Worksheet and Google Form Exit Ticket

Career Exploration and Impacts of AI for post secondary training, 2 year and 4 year degrees. Emphasis on continuing training or traditional education in STEAM careers whether it be an apprenticeship, certificate program, 2 year college, 4 year university or beyond. Emphasis on AI impacts in all fields. Combined Inventory of Me, AI’s Impact, and Roadmap to My Dream Job into a WS (2-3 day portfolio-like). They fill it in along with slides as they go.

Quesadilla Ethical Matrix

For this lesson I changed the food listed to quesadillas (building on the previous lesson, Algorithms as Opinions), I also added a formative assessment to better help students connect to stakeholders in their lives and communities. Students who participate in the previous lesson (Algorithms as Opinions) will be able to carry it forward into a real-world connection by thinking about their out-of-school activity, the relevant stakeholders and their values.

What is AI? Pre-Assessment Sketch & Tell

Students will engage in a Pre-Assessment Activity to "Sketch" an AI technology that could impact/help them in their daily lives and "Tell" about it. The students use a "Sketch & Tell" template to capture pre-knowledge and will have a post-assessment at the end of the lesson. Three templates are provided in the resource: General Template to use in the AI curriculum, an ELA Story Telling Template to capture ELA Intro, Conflict, Resoution, and Generated AI Tool to Sketch with a Prompt.

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